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Author: Keith Knowles

  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dentist!

    An extraordinary person walks into any Doctors office with no apprehension. But, the rest of us may experience distress, especially at the dentist office. There is no reason to feel ashamed if you are overwhelmed by the thought of a dental visit, but it is important to understand the reasons you may experience this unease […]

  • Dr. Fischman’s Vacation Essential Suggestions for Braces!

    If you are wearing braces or Invisalign, and are planning a vacation, the Fischman Orthodontics team would suggest that you put the following items together in your Fischman Orthodontics bag: Toothpick, flosspick, or other interdental cleaners bactrim drug Travel toothbrush A water bottle or a mini bottle of mouth rinse Orthodontic wax to help with discomfort from […]

  • Why do I have to wear a retainer?

    It is so exciting to graduate from braces. We call this phase retention. It’s just after you finish with braces or invisalign. This period is just as important as when the movement occurs. Following the directions laid out by Fischman Orthodontics will ensure that all the work done is not reversed. lexapro Your retainer plays […]