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Orthodontic Fun Facts

  • Here’s a fun fact: ALL Orthodontists are dentists, but ONLY 5% of dentists are Orthodontists.
  • NASA developed the nickel titanium in some brace wires with shape memory properties
    (meaning it keeps its shape) that are activated by body heat and/or pressure.
  • The first braces were designed in 1728, consisting of a flat piece of metal connected to the
    teeth by thread. Orthodontic brackets were invented in 1915.
  • Myth: My general dentist claims that he can easily straighten out and align my teeth as easily
    as an orthodontist.
  • Of the 160,000 dentists in the United States and Canada, 8,000 are practicing orthodontists.
  • Orthodontists must complete four years of dental school and an additional two-three years of
    graduate orthodontic training before they can practice.
  • Approximately 4 million people in the United States have braces on their teeth right now!
  • Myth: Any dentist can obtain a membership in the American Association of Orthodontists
  • Fact: Only a certified orthodontist can obtain membership in AAO.
  • Did you know that the American Association of Orthodontists suggests children should be
    seen by age 7? Early intervention is sometimes needed to help guide growth and
    development of permanent teeth and jaw alignment.
  • Fact: An orthodontist receives specialized training and education in straightening teeth due to
    the fact that an orthodontist has more that two to three years of additional education after
    graduating from dental school than a general dentist. Orthodontists get advanced academic
    education from accredited residency program for orthodontics. Orthodontics is a specialized field
    of dentistry and it deals with problems such as straightening teeth and jaw alignment. Your family
    dentist may see a couple of cases related to straightening of teeth whereas an orthodontist
    specifically offers treatments for straightening teeth and sees hundreds of such patients annually.
    Orthodontists are aware of all the latest technologies related to their field, which ensures that the
    patients get the best treatment possible. They have full knowledge of all the orthodontic
    appliances such as clear aligners, braces, retainers, etc. Orthodontists increase their knowledge
    and expertise by constantly learning and acquiring knowledge related to the latest orthodontic
    practices and technologies.

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